The Brow School Council and Pupil Voice

What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all  pupils and to improve their school. Our School Council has 2 representatives from each class from Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7. We will meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss school initiatives and have an input into questions which are relevant to our school. Each Term we will be responsible for implementing some actions based on our school's needs.

School Council Meeting 8.9.21

We talked about the project we would be taking part in for the half term. The children will be collecting ideas from their classes linked to how we could make our playground a good place to be and the types of equipment needed. We also discussed how each class would deliver the Votes for School Question for the week and also the previous week's results during Monday assembly.


School Council Meeting 22.9.21

Miss Abel our Reading Lead asked us to choose some texts for our new library. We had a choice of lots of books and £90 to spend. We had a great discussion about what we thought would be appreciated and used and choose some amazing new texts. 


School Council Meeting 6.10.21

We sorted out the food for the foodbank donations which were kindly donated for our Harvest assembly. We also spoke about the Remembrance service we are going to be part of on the 12th November.

Selling Poppies and remembrance service wb - 8th November

The school council were responsible for selling poppies through the week to raise money for The Royal British Legion. They also delivered the Remembrance collective worship and did an amazing job.

Reading is good ... Pupil voice - 17th November

We were asked by Miss Abel our reading lead what we enjoyed about reading. This will be used as evidence at our Governors meeting. 

How could we improve our courtyard area and make it into a peaceful place? 19TH January

This half term we will be involved in planning for our courtyard area and making it into a relaxing area. The school council will be gathering pupil voice from their classes and feeding back at the next School Council Meeting.

Votes for School

Each week we will take part in discussions linked to topical issues that address multiple curriculum areas such as citizenship, PSHE, British Values and Prevent. Pupils will be involved in voting each week to make their voices heard. The results will be displayed each week on the Votes for Schools noticeboard.


Results from week beginning 7.3.22

Have recent films challenged stereotypes of women & girls? (KS2) 

Do films show good role models for girls? (KS1)

74% Yes 

26 % No 


Our questions for the week beginning 14.3.22

Does everyone learn differently? KS1

Are labels helpful for Neurodiversity? KS2






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