Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L. Webb – Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Senior Deisgnated teacher for Children in Care, Governor.

Mrs J. Jones – Deputy Headteacher, SENCO, KS2 Resource Base teacher, Maths Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss T. Murphy - Personal Development Through the Curriculum, Reading and History Leader, Class 6 Teacher.


Mrs M. Mullan – KS1 Resource Base teacher, Communication and Language Leader; Phonics leader

Mrs B. Badger - KS1 Resource Base Teacher, Religious Education and Smart School Council Leader.

Miss K. Scutt – Reception Class teacher, Physical Education Leader.

Mrs L. Cottam - Class 1 Teacher, Art and Design and Design and Technology Leader, Learning Outside the Classroom Leader.

Miss N. Abel -  Class 2 Teacher, Science, PSHE and Emotional Wellbeing Leader.

Miss E. Parr - Class 3 teacher, Music Leader.

Mrs J. Cousins - Class 4 Teacher, Computing & Remote Learning Leader; School website.

Miss E.Leach – Class 5 teacher, Writing and Spanish Leader.

Support Staff ~ Teaching

Family Support Worker - Mrs S. Geraghty

Mrs C. Pendlebury – Teaching Assistant (Nursery Leader)

 Mrs L. Arikboga – Nursery Assistant (Deputy Nursery Leader)

Mrs S. Roberts –  Nursery Assistant

Miss K. Barton – Teaching Assistant


Mrs A. Quinn – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Turner – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Cresswell – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Forster – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Johnson - Teaching Assistant & Administration of Medicines and First Aid Lead

Miss G. Oates - Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Leader

Miss R. Kelly - 1:1 pupil support classroom assistant

Miss N. Lewis - 1:1 pupil support classroom assistant 

Support Staff - Non-teaching

Mrs B. Dale – Office Manager 


Mrs J. Formby – Clerical Officer

Mr S. Cawley – Senior Site Manager

Mrs W. Ellis – Cook

Mrs R Sears - Catering Assistant

Mrs. C. Johnson - Midday Assistant & Cleaner 

Mrs S. Owens – Midday Assistant

Mrs P. Brown – Midday Assistant

Mrs S. Holding - Midday Assistant 

Mrs C. Thompson - Cleaner (photo coming soon)


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The Clough, Halton, Runcorn WA7 2HB

Headteacher : Mrs L. Webb

01928 563089

Clerical Officer : Mrs J. Formby

Office Manager : Mrs B. Dale

Deputy Headteacher | Sendco : Mrs J. Jones