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Lindey Webb

I am Headteacher and Governor at The Brow C.P. School. I have been Headteacher since 2014, but have worked at The Brow since 2002. I first joined the Governing Board in 2013 when appointed as a staff governor.

I am a trained primary teacher and my degree is in Psychology, so I have a passion for learning, understanding children’s behaviour and their physical and emotional development. Having worked at The Brow for many years, I have been fortunate enough to build positive relationships with families, professionals and local agencies within the community.

I thoroughly enjoy my work in school and as a member of the Governing Board. Our team approach is something which is very important to me and is instrumental in supporting and challenging each other to ensure that we provide the best possible outcomes for all children.

Elaine Main

Currently the Chair of Governors, I have been a Governor here at The Brow for over ten years and I love it.  I’m still very enthusiastic about my role which is not without its challenges and carries a great deal of responsibility.

I have lived in Runcorn for most of my life and was in fact a pupil at The Brow myself (though this was a very long time ago).  Both of my children attended the Brow, one is now at high school and the other is at college.  We all have very fond memories of our time here.

I’m a great believer in education (I have to be to do this job) and I am passionate that every child should get the education they deserve and that they should be encouraged to be the best that they can be.   That is what the pupils of The Brow get! 

We are a family, we support, we challenge and we encourage each other.

Jill Jones

I am deputy head teacher and SENCO at the Brow. I teach in the key stage 2 speech and language base and I am an associate governor. I have worked at the Brow for 8 years.  When I first joined I was appointed as SENCO and resource base teacher. I have a keen interest in educational research and I am passionate about improving mental health and well-being.

I have been a teacher for 18 years and I have worked in Liverpool and for Halton LA.

I love working at the Brow and being an associate governor means that I can contribute to all aspects of school life.

Karen Forster

I have worked as a teaching assistant at The Brow C.P school for the past 9 years and I was appointed staff governor in November 2013, I am currently the SEND governor.

My role within the school has developed and grown over the years. I am currently working as the nurture lead within the school, a role I am extremely committed to. I fully understand the importance of a nurturing approach for the development of the children’s emotional wellbeing.  I love making a difference in the children’s lives and giving them the skills to help them grow.

I live in Runcorn with my husband, we have 4 children and 2 grandchildren and not forgetting my dog Buzz. 

I enjoy being part of a hardworking team who are all passionate about helping our children be the best they can be. 

Tina Hughes 

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Jackie Costello

I am a mother of  two previous Brow children who where School leavers in 2004, 2005. I am a grandmother of a

current Class R pupil. I am a Social worker by profession and hold a Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status alongside a BSc (HONS) Applied Psychology and a Masters Degree.

My work history spans over two and a half decades working with and for young people – homelessness, behavioural intervention project work, youth work, teaching, prison work, SEN youth work. Some banking work, some retail.

Recycling/Composting/Sports/Olympic Games/Meditation/Wellbeing/Vegan food/Politics/Reading/Cars.

Water waste, food waste, clothing waste.

Sherylin Costello

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Anne Reid

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Jenny Ward 

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Tony Huynh

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Ellen London-Smith

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